France Eco holiday with 365 Holidays in France

Enjoy being 'Green' with a France Eco holiday from 365 Holidays in France. Wide choice of holiday eco friendly trips to Provence available. We use solar power to heat the water, recycle refuse where possible and eco friendly heat pumps to warm the pool from end of April to October and heat the guest living area in winter. You can enjoy the luxury of our comfortable villa yet leave a minimal carbon foot print during your holidays in France.

We have tried to be as green as possible and offer environmentally eco friendly holidays in France. We have installed solar panels so during the summer season nearly all the hot water for the villa is produced from the sun. Whilst the pool is heated we have a heat-pump/ heat-exchange system in addition to solar to minimise electricity use and take heat out of the air and transfer it into the pool. You can relax by the outlet of the heat pump and get quite cool even when the air temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and more!

The bedrooms are fitted with eco friendly ceiling fans and not air-conditioning. We do have air-conditioning units in the guest living area but again they are run by a heat-pump so could be classed as eco-luxury! We use the system more to heat the area in winter than cool it in the summer.

Most of the light bulbs used are energy saving low wattage with others outside the house being solar-powered and movement activated rather than being left on all night.

We recycle as much as possible of our household rubbish and encourage our guests to do the same. All paper, glass and plastic is taken to be recycled.

We try to organise our eco trips and eco tours to minimise the use of the car with many of our eco friendly walking and hiking trips starting from the door of the villa. Walking is perhaps the most eco friendly travel possible!

Bed linen and towels are usually only changed every 4 days to minimise the effect of waste detergents on the environment and excessive use of wate

France Eco friendly solar panels and heat pump from our sculpture garden in the woods for your holiday eco friendly visit to Provence
14 sq metres of solar panels heating 700 litres of water for eco friendly travel in Provence

For more information on booking your eco vacations and eco friendly travel around Provence please contact us at:-

365 Holidays in Provence,
Villa la Pinede- hotel guest-house
Chemin du mas d'Isoard
13520 Maussane les Alpilles,
Provence, France
Tel 0033 490 43 30 59
-for your eco holiday and eco vacation in the south of France


Stairs to woodlands lit at night by movement sensitive solar powered light for your eco holiday in Provence